10 tips to earn extra money for Christmas this year

Is there anything better than the holidays? Food, family, and gifts. What more could you want? Tap or click here for creative ways to include your pet in this year’s holiday cards.

As with anything in life, these things all come at a cost. That’s why we’re here to share ways to make this holiday season one your family and friends will never forget.

Can you earn more money for Christmas this year? Absolutely. Here’s how. This tip is brought to you by our sponsor, LinkedIn.

1. Sell stuff you don’t use

Old smartphones, appliances and other electronics are likely sitting in your home. Why not capitalize by selling them online? Toys, games, books, and clothing can all be turned sold, in some cases for a handsome fee.

Decluttr is one app we love for selling old junk online, but you can use anything from Facebook Marketplace to Craigslist. Tap or click here for apps and sites better than Craigslist.

2. Find odd jobs

Craigslist is a veritable treasure trove of fast, easy work. You can find recurring gigs, like on any other site specializing in side gigs and temporary hustles.

If you’ve got skills, you may as well put them to use, especially if you need more cash for the holidays. Straightforward jobs like landscaping coexist alongside more advanced gigs like data entry and child care. Scope it out and see what you can land.

3. Drive part-time for Uber or Lyft

This one is truly a millennial move. Share your ride with others, and you’ll be able to earn a decent amount of holiday money on the side.

The same goes for food and grocery delivery. A courier’s schedule is flexible, so you can flip on the app whenever you have spare time. Why not? It’s easy, and you only need a smartphone, car and bank account.

4. Charge scooters

Those living in a big city can earn a passive income by finding abandoned Bird scooters…

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