11 tips for saving money at the grocery store in Colorado and beyond | Lifestyle

With prices increasing on fuel, shelter and food, we’re all looking for ways to ease the pain. Probably the easiest place to cut costs is at the grocery store, but it takes some thought and preparation, say the experts working to help consumers weather the spikes.

“My first suggestion for cutting prices at the grocery stores is to get on the store’s loyalty program,” said Laura Daily, a consumer and shopping expert and publisher of Mile High on the Cheap. “Most have them.”

Loyalty programs have been around for years, but many have gone cardless.

“Most are tied to consumers’ phone numbers or can be used via retailer apps, making shopping a little easier overall,” she said. “They allow you to get discounts immediately.”

Before joining a loyalty program, see what perks they offer. For instance, Target Circle provides 1% earnings to be redeemed later, as well as tailored deals, 5% off on your birthday and other benefits.

Daily’s No. 1 recommendation for scooping up food deals: Shop the “manager’s specials.”

“These are treasure troves,” she said. “They are not advertised, but a lot of food winds up in this pile. They are products that didn’t sell well, or the package label has been changed so they need to pull the old labels off the shelf.”

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