12 ways to save money on your mobile and broadband


As the impact of the cost of living crisis hits home for millions of people, we team up with Which? to share tips to help you save hundreds of pounds on your broadband and mobile bills…

Broadband and mobile customers across the country are paying more than they need to for their connections – but reducing these costs doesn’t have to be hard. There are simple things all of us can do to make sure we’re not paying over the odds, such as switching or haggling, taking advantage of perks on offer or ditching costly insurance.

Says Adam French, Which? Consumer Rights Expert: 

“Despite the cost of living crisis, many providers have not hesitated to impose above-inflation price hikes, leaving customers feeling the pressure. But, there are steps you can take to minimise the cost of broadband and mobile bills.

“It’s worth shopping around or haggling for the best deal, particularly if you’re out of contract. Which? research has found that haggling with your providers or switching deals could save you hundreds of pounds a year.”

1. Switch provider and save £240

At the end of broadband and mobile phone contracts, it’s a good idea to switch providers in order to save money. New customers often get affordably priced introductory offers which can cost as much as 90 per cent less than standard tariffs. In some cases, switching could save hundreds per year. Which? research found that broadband customers who switch away from the ‘big four’ providers (BT, Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin Media) typically save hefty amounts on their annual broadband bill – as much as £190. Customers with a TV and broadband package can save even more – over £200. Switching mobile providers netted customers an average annual saving of £40. Customers leaving O2 and Three made the largest savings on average.

2. Haggle at…

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