14 women share their top money saving hacks.

Often by the end of the month, I realise that these small goals are not as out of reach as I originally anticipated, and I continue the habits beyond the set time period.


“I have lots of little rules I use to save money where I can, and I don’t know if they actually work, but I am sure they help to some extent. They include:

1. I won’t order an Uber over $20. If there is another way of getting home, I get it.

2. Lunch has to be brought to work unless I have absolutely nothing in my fridge.

3. No Uber Eats. Takeout is allowed, I just have to pick it up.

4. My coffee shop does this super fancy oat cold brew, but it’s $7. I’m only allowed to get it two days a week and one day on the weekend.”


“I follow a few money saving tricks. They include:

1. Using old make-up rather than doing a Mecca shop.

2. No takeout is allowed. We do toasties on CBF nights.

3. We try to do a ‘eat what’s in the pantry’ once a quarter to stop food going off.

4. I have started searching op shops more than buying new.

5. I recycle all our bottles and the money goes in a jar that we will count up and put in our savings at the end of the year.

6. On random months, we use cash only for everything. It’s probably the easiest way to stop unnecessary purchases.

7. I sleep on any purchases over $100. If I don’t stop thinking about it, I’ll go back and get it, but most of the time I can’t be bothered or I forget about it.”


“I automate all my money into different accounts! On the day my pay comes in, it will automatically transfer predetermined amounts into my expenses account, savings account, spending account and investment account. It stays the same every month. 

“I use two different cards (one for spending and one for necessary expenses) so I can monitor how much money is going towards ‘fun spending’ without worrying that I’m going to incur…

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