15 Common Wedding Mistakes And 15 Great Wedding Tips


Bad mistake: “Wedding photographer here! One of the mistakes I see people *almost* make is not leaving time, or enough time, throughout your wedding day to take newlywed portraits. While it is important to spend time with your guests and enjoy your wedding, the photos of you and your love are the ones you will most likely print and display in your home, put in your album, make prints of for family, etc.”

“Every time I have a couple ask to skip these portraits, I always talk them into doing them. Every time, they tell me afterwards that they are so happy we took them!

Also, when you go to hire your photographer, make sure you like the style of their photos. If someone has a lot of posed photos in their portfolio, they may not capture a lot of candids. If they feature dark tones and shadows, they aren’t going to deliver light and airy photos. Figure out what aesthetic you like and go from there, or you may end up with photos in a style you don’t like.”


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