17 easy ways to save money without limiting yourself

4 August 2019, 07:39 | In the world of

It is necessary to save wisely.

Often we do not understand where the money disappears from our wallet. It seems that only yesterday they received the long-awaited salary, and today there is a hole in the wallet, informs Ukr.Media.

We are planning a budget >

Use programs when planning your budget. This will clearly show where and how much you spend. Moreover, with the help of planning, you will understand what costs are best to avoid.

Things that have been used >

Of course, you don’t have to constantly buy new things. Tools, equipment, appliances or books do not have an expiration date. But there are also goods that should not be bought out of hand. Therefore, we take this point into account and are not afraid to buy such things.

Online shopping

It has long been known that buying online is much cheaper than in a regular store. However, there are cases when the thing may not fit in size, but in general this method allows you to save significantly.

Banking cards

When you went to the online store, you saw something you really needed and immediately bought it in one click, thanks to a bank card linked to your profile. There was an impulse purchase. To avoid wasting money, do not tie cards. For any payment, write the details yourself – this will give you the opportunity to think about whether you really need this thing or service.

48 hours

We make most of our purchases spontaneously: we saw – wanted – bought. And often these are completely unnecessary things found somewhere on sale. To avoid unnecessary expenses, when you see a thing, do not buy it right away. Wait 48 hours to see if you need it.

 17 simple ways to save money without limiting yourself


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