19 Top Ways To Save Money Shopping Online

Online shopping is pretty much the easiest way to shop — just browse and purchase right from your couch while you watch Netflix.

But from shipping and delivery fees to added taxes, the products you just bought might end up being twice the price you thought you were paying. And especially in today’s economy, with rising inflation and the possibility of a recession, it’s even more important to know how to save money when shopping online.

If the idea of searching high and low for the best deals and coupons isn’t your idea of fun, though, there are actually many ways you can spend less and really work towards your savings goals.

These are the top 19 tips to help you get started on saving so shopping frugally doesn’t have to be a pain.

  1. Shop on the right day (and at the right time)
  2. Wait for big sales
  3. Watch out for dynamic pricing
  4. Compare prices
  5. Get cash back rewards for shopping
  6. Stack deals
  7. Use money-saving apps and sites
  8. Sign up for newsletters and rewards programs
  9. Follow brands on social media
  10. Leave items in your cart
  11. Buy discounted gift cards
  12. Ask for price-drop refunds
  13. Ask about using expired coupons
  14. Shop at online outlets
  15. Making a shopping list
  16. Buy generic brands
  17. Stock up on sale products
  18. Try out different brands
  19. Buy second hand

How To Save Money Online: Top 19 Tips

Let’s get right into our favorite tips to help you get some big savings when shopping online.

1. Shop on the right day (and at the right time)

An easy step you can take is shopping at the right time. Research has shown that the best day to do your online shopping is Tuesday, followed by Thursday and Friday. While it might be fun to scroll through your favorite sites on a lazy Saturday, the weekend is actually the worst time to buy online. 

If there’s a new item you’re dying to buy but don’t want to pay the full price,…

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