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Don’t let the cost of living crisis spoil the fun, here are 20 tried and tested ways people can save hundreds of pounds on their summer holiday.

1. Credit cards
Most credit cards apply a fee of around three percent every time someone uses them abroad. Travel cards won’t charge or will have a low fee, the Money Saving Expert website recommends Barclaycard Rewards or Halifax Clarity.

2. Get the best exchange rates
Cards usually beat cash but if cash is a must then Britons can use the TravelMoneyMax comparison tool on MSE for an up-to-date price comparison on the best exchange rates for cash.

3. Book flights in advance
The golden rule is to book your flight 56 days in advance while some hotels also offering discounts on early reservations.

4. Hide cookies
Switch on private browsing when searching for a holiday to make sure you’re seeing the best deals.

5. Research, research, research
The key to saving money is research. Book meals and days out in advance through websites like Groupon or Wowcher.

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11. Eat like a local
Ask locals, including expats, for their recommendations of not only where to eat, but also for tips on family days out that they’ve discovered off the beaten track.

12. Choose your time to fly
Flying on a Tuesday and a Wednesday is better for the pocket.

13. Go all in
Consider whether all inclusive could be cheaper and a better way to budget.

14. Take advantage of the free Wifi
Always check with one’s mobile phone provider before making calls or using the internet abroad. Make the most of free wifi at the airport and hotel.

15. Hop on a bus
Public transport is usually cheaper than excursion prices or consider hiring a bike while abroad.

19. Two for one
National Rail has a two for one offer where people can get into attractions for half the…

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