2023 employee benefits & workplace predictions: Learning and development approaches

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Executives are continuing to try to grow their companies by closing the skills gap and integrating in-house learning programs. However, the future of learning and development might be within technology to allow for accessibility and data driven learning.

Here’s what industry thought leaders think will take place in the world of learning and development.

Tangible skill data and business value results

Learning and development (L&D) teams have certainly had a busy year in 2022 and that will continue in 2023. With the hybrid workforce seemingly here to stay, more learning professionals are turning to digital learning as a way to keep the entire workforce up to date. That can only be a good thing for accessibility (anyone can access learning at a time and place that suits them), and also data. 

L&D leaders have an unparalleled opportunity to gather data through digital learning, to give a dynamic overview of the skills being built in their workforce. Overlaid with HR and recruitment data, this can be used to determine skill supply versus skill gaps and spot opportunities when L&D can help the business deliver its goals (through ensuring the right people have the right skills). Like when the rise of the Internet created unrivaled opportunities to become more targeted with marketing and sales, thanks to consumer data, the same thing is now happening with the employee experience in workplaces.

As L&D becomes more data-driven thanks to the wealth of data created by digital learning systems, it changes the skill set for L&D itself. In 2023, I expect to see more L&D teams introduce data analysts, data scientists, and business intelligence to their teams. This might be a dedicated person, or depending on resources, they might upskill existing L&D team members. It’s an exciting opportunity for L&D, because having access to data and the people to analyze it will give them more of a voice in strategic conversations. This might finally be the year where L&D…

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