3 of the best cookbooks to help you kickstart healthy eating, save money, and help the environment

WHILE we love the roast potatoes and mince pies of December, it can leave you feeling a bit sluggish – so eating the rainbow is a sure-fire way to get your energy back in January.

By no means do you have to restrict your food or stop eating the things you love though. Instead, you could use the new year as an opportunity to expand your healthy food repertoire, try some new recipes, and hopefully start reaping all the benefits that come with it.

And there are plenty of new cookbooks to help kickstart your healthy eating journey. You might find they have other benefits too, such as saving money, making your skin glow, and even helping the environment…

Bored Of Lunch by Nathan Anthony (Ebury Press). 

1. Bored Of Lunch: The Healthy Slow Cooker Book by Nathan Anthony

There’s a bit of a barrier to entry for this book, as all recipes need a slow cooker. However, if you have one, you’re in for a treat – because all the recipes are healthy, delicious and could even save you some pennies.

Belfast-based Nathan Anthony set up Bored of Lunch in 2020 as a way to cook healthier and more delicious meals during the lockdowns – and his Instagram page now has 906k followers. This is his debut cookbook, and is dedicated to dishes you can make in a slow cooker – which is said to have cheaper running costs than conventional ovens.

Anthony doesn’t claim to be a chef or nutritionist, but he certainly knows what works for a home cook.

These are the kind of recipes you can prep in advance, chuck into the slow cooker and come home to a delicious dish at the end of the day.

And slow cooker meals don’t just have to be an endless parade of stews, with Anthony’s recipes covering everything from Vietnamese beef pho to chicken tacos.

Published by Ebury Press. Photography by Clare Wilkinson….

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