3 Surefire Stocks That Can Turn $200,000 Into $1 Million by 2030

Whether you’re a new or tenured investor, you’ve been given a wake-up call in 2022 that stocks can go down just as easily as they can rise. Since the beginning of the year, the broad-based S&P 500 and nearly 126-year-old Dow Jones Industrial Average have declined by more than 10% from their all-time closing highs. Things have been even more challenging for the tech-driven Nasdaq Composite, which has shed as much as 24% since its November peak and was firmly in a bear market as of early last week.

But where there’s short-term pain, there’s also an opportunity for long-term gains. That’s because every stock market correction and bear market has eventually been wiped away by a bull market rally. When you invest in innovative stocks at a discount and allow your investment thesis to play out over time, there’s a good chance you’ll build wealth.

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The following three surefire stocks are all trading at a discount during the market sell-off and have both the catalysts and intangibles necessary to turn a $200,000 investment into $1 million by 2030.


The first innovative company that has the potential to quintuple investors’ money over the next eight years is China-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Nio (NIO -2.99%).

Auto stocks like Nio are contending with a challenging environment. Semiconductor chip shortages and COVID-19-driven supply shortages have caused most automakers to scale back production on select models. In Nio’s case, the company delivered just 5,074 EVs in April, which was less than half of what it was delivering on a monthly basis in November and December.  Nio is being hit harder than most automakers given that some Chinese provinces have undergone strict COVID-19 lockdowns.

Although supply chain concerns are never a positive, the important thing to note here is that Nio’s near-term struggles have absolutely nothing to do with demand. This means opportunistic investors have the chance to buy this innovative EV maker at a…

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