3 Ways I Use Grocery Store Apps to Save Money

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If your grocery store spending feels out of control, it may be time to start using grocery apps to save money.

Key points

  • Grocery prices are higher across the country thanks to inflation.
  • Find out how grocery store apps may help you lower your grocery bill and even compare prices between nearby stores.

Inflation has led to significant price increases on everyday items — including food. If you’ve been experiencing sticker shock at the grocery store, you may be looking for ways to spend less money when filling up your cart. Grocery apps can make it easier for you to plan your shopping trips and help you save money. Find out how I use grocery store apps to save money on food and everyday household items.

Use grocery apps when making a grocery list

Making a list can help you stay on track and avoid overspending while at the store. Otherwise, it can be tempting to buy items you don’t need. As a note, it’s good practice not to go to the grocery store while you’re hungry — because that’s another way to overbuy.

Before I write out my grocery list, I open up my grocery store apps to see what’s on sale that week. I save a lot of money by being mindful of what’s on sale and planning my meals around budget-conscious purchase choices.

If you’re making your grocery list without first consulting the sales flier, you may want to change your habits. You could save money by purchasing on-sale items instead of placing pricier alternatives into your cart. In some cases, name-brand sale items may be cheaper than the store-brand…

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