3 Winning Stocks to Buy No Matter What the Market Is Doing

We’re in a volatile stock market, so investors have to be even more careful about picking stocks right now. With many growth stocks likely in for a few rough months, more investors are taking closer looks at some value stocks, but that category of stocks might not provide enough upside to make them worth your while.

That means that right now is a great time to search for stocks that can thrive no matter what the market does from here. Let’s take a closer look at three that might be worth your time.

1. Pfizer

Pfizer ( PFE 0.04% ) is one of those stocks that investors can buy and hold without worrying. Major pharmaceutical stocks like Pfizer have a few characteristics that make them interesting, regardless of market conditions. Like other healthcare stocks, they are considered less cyclical than other industries. Demand for medication is relatively stable, even if it can be impacted by recessions. Unlike many defensive stock sectors, growth in pharmaceuticals is expected to outpace the economy over the next few years. That gives Pfizer a great combination of stability and upside potential.

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Like most of its peers, Pfizer pays a dividend. That brings even more stability to your portfolio because it produces returns even if the market is down. Its 2.9% dividend yield is above average in today’s market. 

Pfizer has recently benefited from COVID-19 vaccination sales, which might not be a sustainable profit source. Branded drug companies are no stranger to rapidly declining sales of important products. As each of their products eventually loses patent protection, they tend to dwindle quickly as the competition takes market share. Pharmaceutical companies’ long-term stability is generally determined by their product pipeline. If there are promising drugs in development and clinical trials, then they should be able to overcome some of their current moneymakers falling off.

Pfizer’s pipeline is considered one of the strongest in the world. The company has…

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