4 Food Items You Can Freeze To Save Money

Make ice cubes with the dregs of your wine bottle. Image: Shutterstock

One of the go-to practices for reducing food waste and better managing one’s food budget in this period of high inflation is freezing. As long as you consume the food that’s been frozen in the appropriate time frame and pack it in the right containers, you can save a lot of money, even with products you may not have known could be frozen!


Because an impromptu cocktail party can arise at any moment, we sometimes have no choice but to slip the bottle into the freezer for a short time in order to serve it to guests chilled. Wine aficionados know this is a last resort, but that doesn’t mean that the freezer is a no-go zone for wine.
In fact, British newspaper The Independent published a trick of making ice cubes from the bottom of a wine bottle. Instead of throwing the liquid remnants into the sink, this is a way to “recycle” it in order to have some wine on hand in case it’s called for when cooking a certain dish. White wine in a risotto or red wine in a Bolognese sauce, it’s often important to add a little bit of acidity to a recipe with a dash of Bacchus’s favorite tipple.

Egg whites and even whole eggs

This tip comes from Mercotte, the faithful sidekick of French chef Cyril Lignac on the TV show “Le Meilleur Pâtissier” (‘The best pastry chef’). A specialist in macaron making, the pastry chef advises using aged egg whites to optimize her macarons. And you can freeze the substance in order to use it the next time you decide to do some cooking or baking. You can keep a frozen egg white for up to ten months. While pastry connoisseurs may be aware of this trick, it’s not common knowledge that eggs can also be frozen. However, it is necessary to take several precautions if you want to keep your eggs in the…

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