4 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season So You Don’t End Up Spending A Fortune On Gifts

The 2022 holiday season is right around the corner and, this year, a lot of Canadians have probably been thinking of ways to save money while shopping.

After all, the holiday season can be an expensive time, with cash going into things like travel, gifts, food and more. And it looks like that has some Canadians a bit nervous.

According to a survey by CPA Canada, around 67% of Canadians believe that inflation is going to make it harder to buy gifts for people this holiday season.

Along with that, 48% are planning on giving a non-traditional gift such as something they’ve made themselves or sharing an experience together.

However, if you’re still planning on hitting the stores this holiday season, Ratehub has put together a list of tips and tricks to help you save some money this holiday season.

Use loyalty programs and rewards

Some of Canada’s biggest and most popular stores have loyalty programs that give you access to unique deals and other benefits that can help you save some cash.

Plus there are loads of cards, like a Scene+ or Air Miles, that allow you to save up points on your purchases for future savings.

If you’ve been saving up for the year, the holiday season is a great chance to use those credits and savings you might have also banked up with your credit card!

Not to mention special online rewards and deals that might come with a membership.

That being said, don’t use those travel card points for purchases! Those have a much better value when used on, well, travel.

Do your research and plan ahead

Doing things last minute has never really helped anyone.

If you can come up with a good plan, fitted out with the cheapest and best options for your wallet, you’ll be set up to save on the…

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