Ever wonder where teens get most of their information on the stock market? According to a recent survey, 43% of teens turned to social media to learn about investing. Yes, really. That same survey found that if given money to invest, 43% would invest in the stock market (good), while 25% would focus on cryptocurrency (not so good).

These results underscore the importance of getting teens started investing early with the right guidance. To that end, picking the right investment app t0 help educate your child when it comes to investing can be a helpful first step.

Pick the wrong app, and the experience may feel more like gambling than investing (cough, Robinhood, cough). Pick a solid app, and your child may well be on their way to a lifetime of sound wealth building. Here are five of the better apps to help your teen start investing.

5 Investing Apps for Teens


This banking and investing app boasts features that your kids will like. These features include a personalized debit card and direct debit for allowance. It also has features mom and dad will appreciate, like pre-approved stores where your kid can spend and real-time notifications any time the card is used.

But it’s the investing arm where this app really shines. Offering parental control on every trade, Greenlight has no trading fees, allows little investors to buy fractional shares from their favorite companies, and has an educational aspect that teaches kids about more in-depth concepts like compound growth. Worth noting, the investment platform is only available through the card’s mid and top-tier options, Greenlight+ Invest and Greenlight Max.

Fidelity Youth Account

Meant for teens ages 13-17, the Fidelity Youth Account helps kids learn how to spend, save and invest responsibly. Though parents are required to have a Fidelity account for their kids to use this tool, it’s important to note that it’s a teen owned brokerage account. It’s…

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