5 News Altcoin Traders Should Watch Out For This Week

5 news that may interest altcoin investors between November 9-15, were compiled with CryptoDiffer and ICO Analytics data. Here are the most important altcoin developments this week …

November 9 – Combo (COMB) is listed on KuCoin exchange. It has been announced that users can trade with COMB / USDT parity for the first stage. Combo, a liquidity mining protocol, is a decentralized consolidation platform for financial assets, including the decentralized oracle network.

November 9 – Chromia (CHR) Staking activities will be launched for. With a market value of $ 11.2 million, CHR is currently trading at $ 0.0250. The Chromia team aims at the project in an environment that people are used to and in a language that everyone can learn; He explains it as building a blockchain-based platform where they can create something together by building a relationship.

November 12 – Stratis (STRAT) starts its network life. Stratis (STRAT) is a blockchain-based service provider that aims to support C # APIs or other networks such as Microsoft. Companies can also create their own networks that can be integrated into the Stratis blockchain.

November 15 – Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork launches. Bitcoin Cash, the 5th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is planning a blockchain split in the form of Bitcoin Cash ABC (BCHA) and Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN). In this development, the exchanges listing Bitcoin Cash also announced a series of measures to protect user funds during the hard fork.

November 15 – Bonded Finance (BOND) IDO is held at Dolamite stock exchange managed by Loopring protocol. The Bonded team argues that the mission of the project is to develop and use dynamic financial products that offer sustainable returns.

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