5 Perfect Steps to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System and Save Money! | Home & Garden Guide

The team at the 3-time “Best of Brentwood” winning Perfect Star Heating and Air Conditioning were asked for their tips on extending the life of your home’s central heating and cooling system while saving you lots of headaches and money along the way.

1) Changing your Filter: “This is hands down the easiest step in keeping your system running properly all year long,” says Perfect Star Senior Comfort Advisor Chuck Anderson. “We recommend changing your filter every 2-3 months,” says Anderson. Bonus tip: Find out what kind of filter your system uses and stock up on them. Purchasing filters directly from stores like Walmart, Target, or any home improvement store will give you peace of mind while also saving you a lot of money.

2) Annual Seasonal Maintenance: “This is critical in improving performance and preventing breakdowns” says Perfect Star Senior Comfort Advisor Gilbert Caceres. “Scheduling your maintenances before peak usage seasons is important because it prevents breakdowns on hot summer days or cold winter nights, when the systems are working their hardest. On every maintenance call, we ensure that everything is working properly. We test all running parts and make sure all the safety sensors are fully functioning.  On top of that, we provide a thorough safety inspection on your furnace and air conditioner.” Tip: Perfect Star offers membership plans for everyone. The Perfect Star membership allows clients to get their system serviced biannually. Perfect Star Members are contacted seasonally to schedule their maintenances and in addition to that, members receive a 20% discount and earn $100 in Perfect Star Rewards for every year of membership that can be used…

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