5 Surefire Stocks That Can Generate Life-Changing Wealth in 20 Years

This year hasn’t gone as expected for many investors. Following one of the lowest-volatility years in recent history, 2022 has featured the worst year for the bond market on record, as well as an across-the-board bear market for the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and Nasdaq Composite. Chances are you’re looking at a sea of red — and you’re not alone.

However, big declines in the stock market have, historically, been blessings in disguise. If you’re a long-term investor, stock market corrections, crashes, and bear markets represent opportunities to pounce on high-quality companies at reduced valuations. The current bear market may well be a generational wealth-building opportunity for patient investors.

What follows are five surefire stocks that have the competitive advantages and sustained catalysts necessary to generate life-changing wealth over the next 20 years.

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The first game-changing company that can help investors seriously grow their investment portfolio over the next two decades is China-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Nio (NIO 5.50%). Despite historically high inflation, China’s zero-COVID-19 strategy, and supply chain issues weighing on automakers, the growth trajectory for EVs and Nio’s innovation make it a no-brainer buy.

China is the world’s No. 1 auto market — yet EV market share within China remains up for grabs. Based on an estimate from the China Society of Automotive Engineers, more than half of all new vehicles sold in China by 2035 should be new energy vehicles, with EVs leading the charge.  Once supply chain issues ease, Nio should have no trouble quickly ramping up production.

On the innovation front, Nio is being driven by the introduction of more than a half-dozen EV models. The recently introduced ET7 and ET5 sedans, which respectively began deliveries in March and September, are going head-to-head with Tesla‘s flagship Model 3 and can handily outpace the world’s largest automaker in terms of range (with a battery…

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