‘5 things I refuse to spend money on’

In 2018, I hit my first six-figure year as a freelance writer on Fiverr, earning nearly $300,000 in revenue writing blogs, press releases and website content for clients.

Now, at 29, I have six streams of income — from freelance writing, influencer sponsorships, eBook sales, course sales, ad revenue and affiliate revenue. Last year, I brought in a little over $400,000 in net income.

Like any member of the gig economy, I know I can’t count on making this much money forever. So while I sometimes splurge on food, entertainment and travel, I otherwise save and invest aggressively to boost my net worth. I also own three properties in my home state of Florida. Combined, they’re worth close to $1.2 million.

To live my dream life and still save most of what I earn, here are five things I refuse to spend money on:

1. New designer clothes and handbags

I do all my fashion shopping at thrift stores like Buffalo Exchange and Pavement. So instead of buying new designer clothes or handbags for thousands of dollars at a time, I’m spending much less.

My rule is to spend no more than $2,500 a year on shopping. Not only do I save money this way, but I’m also helping the environment by donating all of my unused clothes to Goodwill.

2. Unsubsidized flights

My Chase Sapphire Rewards credit card accrues travel points when I spend on food and travel, and since I spend the most on those two categories, my card almost always covers my flights and rental cars.

Even though the card has a $300 annual fee, it saves me about $2,000 in flight and travel costs every year. I also have the JetBlue credit card that racks up enough points to cover a few flights per year.

3. Rent

I purchased my first property, which I currently live in, in March 2021 — then bought an investment property in Miami in October 2021, and another in March 2022.

I have long-term…

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