Earth Day 2022 logoAt the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE), the staff work hard every day to protect Michigan’s air, land, water, and public health. There are many ways that you can help, too – not just on Earth Day, but all year long. Learn about what EGLE is doing, and consider the following ways, big and small, that you can contribute to a more sustainable Michigan and a healthier planet.

  1. Learn about how EGLE protects Michiganders by addressing Environmental Justice.
  2. Check out EGLE’s Recycling Directory to find places to recycle unique materials like concrete, bricks, tires, and food waste.
  3. Learn about how ozone can impact human health and what to do on a Clean Air Action! day.
  4. Become a Clean Water Ambassador to help ensure clean drinking water is accessible to all.
  5. Learn about Michigan’s Geology from EGLE’s Oil, Gas, and Minerals Division.
  6. Learn how to identify and report invasive species that threaten Michigan’s land and water.
  7. Explore the new MI Healthy Climate Plan and find out how you can help fight climate change.
  8. Learn about landfills and visualize how they work with a fun edible landfill activity!
  9. Protect our inland lakes by becoming a Shoreland Steward.
  10. Learn about E. coli in our surface waters and check out EGLE’s E. coli Pollution and Solution Mapper to find out what can be done to address this water quality challenge.
  11. Conduct a home energy assessment to find out how you can improve energy efficiency. There are lots of ways that energy efficiency can save you money while saving the planet!
  12. Find out what watershed you live in and what nearby water quality looks like. See if your watershed has a watershed management plan that you can contribute to.
  13. Learn how to protect yourself and…

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