9 Savvy Ways to Save Money Shopping Online at Your Favorite Brands

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While online shopping is a lot convenient from traditional brick-and-mortar stores, it can be equally draining. Discovering the best deal at your favorite brands can be daunting. But who said the deals and offers are the only ways you can use to save money shopping online?

Discover 9 savvy and less-known ways to save good all the time.

1.   New: Curbside Pickup

Curbside shopping isn’t entirely a new business model, but it has seen rage due to COVID breakdown.

If you’re unaware, curbside shopping means when you buy from a store online and the store offers you a set location, like a warehouse, to pick your items from there anytime. It saves you delivery charges. Besides, you can save yourself and others against COVID.

Before buying, check whether the store you’re buying from offers curbside pickup. If so, avail the offer. Then, you can pick your item when on the way to work, coming back home, or when you’re simply driving by. Here are some big retailers offering ‘click and collect’ services:

●      Walmart

●      Target

●      John Lewis

●      Zara

●      Nike

●      Starbucks

Visit the website of the retailer you buy frequently from, from their FAQs page, check if they offer curbside pickup. Or, speak directly to their customer support.

2.   Get all at once

Popular and common, but if you’re unaware, listen to this:

You can score major discounts when you buy items at bulk. You might get offers like ‘free shipping’, ‘two items free when you buy five’, or ‘20% percent discount after spending X…

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