A quick guide to saving money at Costco | Matt Lillywhite

Everyone knows that Costco has great deals that help customers save money during a tough economic time. However, there are several undiscovered ways to save even more money while shopping in-store! So, in this article, we’re going to explore some store secrets that will help you to save more money while shopping at Costco.

Buy Generic Brands Whenever Possible

Costco’s own brand, Kirkland, is often cheaper and of a similar quality to the big brands. According to Mashed, Kirkland often outperforms similar items with more recognizable names. Therefore, Kirkland is usually the best choice if you want to save money because some products are made by the same companies.

You Can Use Your Costco Membership Abroad

Are you going abroad anytime soon? Consider bringing your Costco card, as you’ll probably be able to save money on groceries and other items while on vacation.

“Your membership card is valid at any Costco warehouse worldwide,” per the Costco website. So, even if you normally shop in Houston, New York, or anywhere else in the United States, you can save money at Costco in other countries such as Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom, and more.

Use Costco’s Cheap Prices To Save Money At Other Stores

Did you know that if Costco sells a product for less than their own, many competitors will price match? Now you do.

For example, Target will often match prices from Costco both in-store and online. “We’ll match the price if you buy a qualifying item at Target, then find the identical item for less at Target.com, select online competitors, or in Target’s or competitor’s local print ad. Price matches may be requested at the time of purchase or within 14 days after purchase. The full list of online competitors (PDF Download) is available online or at Guest Services.”

If you want to save even more money, you can get the cost of items…

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