A Server Is Trying The ‘Envelope Saving Challenge’ To Buy A Car & TikTokers Have Questions

If you’re trying to save money but need a creative way to help you get started, then maybe this new TikTok trend is something you need to try out.

A TikToker who runs the account @butterflyginger decided to try out what is being called the “envelope saving challenge,” which turns reaching financial goals into a fun game.

Her end goal is to save up enough money to buy a car.

“I saw a girl on TikTok do this. I’m a server, and I just graduated college, so I’m broke, so I’m going to do what she’s doing,” the TikToker says in her video, which now has over 14.2 million views.

“She got 100 envelopes, and she numbered them all 1-100. I did 1-150, and then after every single serving shift, you pick an envelope and put the amount of money into the envelope,” the TikToker explained to her viewers.


It’s like a savings account but more fun #serverlife #servertiktok #waitress

She used the example of pulling out the envelope that says 75, which means she’d have to put $75 into it.

“After it’s all done, I’m supposed to have 11 grand, so I’m going to try,” the TikToker shared.

After that she picked a random envelope from the batch, and pulled out the number 126, and put the $126 into the envelope.

“I can’t touch this until I’m done,” she says after sealing the envelope.

Feeling excited about the challenge, she decided to do another envelope and this time, pulled out the number 25. As the rules of the challenge state, she put the $25 into the envelope and sealed it shut.

“Two down, 148 to go,” the TikToker says before ending the video.

The young woman says she got the idea from another TikTok creator called Mykela, who’s also been documenting and sharing her experience of partaking in the challenge.

People on TikTok had a lot to say about the challenge, and there were a lot…

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