All-electric homes save money, make sense | Opinion

Neil Kolwey

Coloradans do need a “smart, balanced and cost-effective approach” toward reducing the state’s carbon footprint, as Ted Leighty suggests (“Don’t ban natural gas from Colorado homes,” Sept. 15). However, accurate data on energy prices and heat pump performance show that approach actually includes building healthy, efficient and electric new homes.

According to a recent analysis by the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), using the most recent Xcel Energy electric and gas rates for residential customers as well as modeled heating system performance, the annual heating costs for a new home in Denver with an efficient cold-climate heat pump and heat pump water heater are actually about 13% less (or about $125 per-year cheaper) than those for a mixed-fuel home that uses gas for space and water heating. And given the global demand for U.S. LNG, gas prices are likely to increase or stay where they are compared to electricity prices.

In addition, the initial costs of building an all-electric home…

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