Alternet Systems earns investment interest as Uber features African electric motorcycle market

Alternet Systems has announced that the interest expressed by UBER in the African electric motorcycle market has spurred new investment interest in ALYI’s ongoing US$300mn electric mobility project in Africa centred on the commercial manufacturing launch of ALYI’s ReVolt Electric Motorcycle

Uber Africa launches Uber Cash with Flutterwave and explores EVs. (Image source: Alternet Systems)

ALYI has an overall comprehensive electric vehicle strategy in Africa founded on initially launching the commercial production of the company’s own ReVolt Electric Motorcycle.  The ReVolt Electric Motorcycle pilot passed initial design requirements and ongoing pilot design refinements are expected to soon deliver a reduced overall weight and improved cruising range.  

ALYI has partnered with an independent firm founded specifically for launching an initial crypto currency offering (ICO) dedicated to funding ALYI’s overall $300 million electric mobility project in Africa.

ALYI is well on track with its funding partner for the African electric mobility project.  A cryptocurrency has already been partitioned on the Ethereum Blockchain. A pre ICO funding round is ready to launch and ICO details are being finalized. 

Uber Africa has launched Uber Cash with Flutterwave and explores EVs. Regarding this news, ALYI management was subsequently contacted by investors that have already expressed interest in potentially underwriting the planned ICO.  As a result, ALYI management will be presenting a detailed update to the investors next Wednesday, June 17th, aimed at accelerating and increasing the pre ICO funding round in order to likewise accelerate the manufacturing launch of the ReVolt Electric Motorcycle.


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