Amazon Subscribe and Save Is a Feature That Makes Saving Money Easy

For many of us, using Amazon to buy what we want has become second nature. I have no doubt that as a Prime member you have dozens of products ranging from groceries to electronics in your order history. But there’s nothing worse than running out of essentials like toilet paper or snacks just when you need them. 

What if I told you that you could still get everything you need for your home each month while also saving money? With Amazon’s subscription and save service, you can stock up on all your necessities without breaking the bank.

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Setting up Amazon subscribe and save

Oreos and other Nabisco cookies on Amazon

Amazon’s subscribe and save on display with these cookies.


If you already have an Amazon Prime account, follow these steps:

1. Find the item you’re shopping for and navigate to the section on the webpage that has two buttons: add to cart and buy now
2. Bypass both options and scroll down to see subscribe & save as another option
3. Choose this option, decide the quantity, the delivery recurrence (from two weeks to six months) and hit the set up now button

How does Amazon’s…

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