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“FUD” is a shorthand term for a concept in business known as “fear, uncertainty and doubt.”

The phrase is popular in the tech sector of the stock market and among cryptocurrency enthusiasts. When someone uses the term FUD, they are most likely criticizing what they see as bad faith or uninformed expressions of bearish pessimism.

For example, one user in Reddit’s popular “CryptoCurrency” forum offered an anti-FUD rejoinder in January 2022, when the crypto market had slipped substantially off its highs from the prior year.

“Who else is ignoring the FUD and feeling really bullish on crypto for 2022?” the post said. The writer added, “I’ve been in crypto for a few years and I’m hearing the same tired excuses this January that are repeated every time the market dips/corrects/crashes.”

Is this FUD … that I’m feelin’?

Being on the lookout for FUD might help you if you’re prone to overreacting to news that might affect your portfolio. But on the other hand, investors should be careful not to minimize the significance of new information that might challenge their prior assumptions.

It’s good to keep a level head when it comes to investing. And that’s especially true in a volatile space such as the cryptocurrency market. However, if you take the time to identify your financial goals and plan to reach them, you may find that you’re more confident in handling unexpected developments.

Here are a few things to consider when you’re facing down FUD.

FUD: A breakdown

Fear, uncertainty and doubt are normal emotions when dealing with investments. It’s your hard-earned money, after all.


Fear is the principal component of FUD….

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