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How to save money as food costs reach record highs

Inflation, the pandemic and international conflict have done a number on the global economy. All the proof you need is right there at the grocery store where staples like cooking oil, eggs and dairy cost more today than they ever have. But you don’t have to panic, as you can give your budget a little relief by ordering your most commonly needed food supplies and sundries in bulk from online retailers. Millions of Americans are doing just that to combat the rising cost of living.

Why is everything so expensive right now?

The perfect storm of current events has impacted nearly everyone on the planet for the last two years. The cost and availability of everyday goods are two places where those effects are most noticeable.

While maxing out supply chains and relying on just-in-time manufacturing have steadily increased efficiency for years, everything changed when the pandemic hit in 2020. Farms, factories, shipping lanes and all the people and parts needed to maintain them suddenly ground to a halt, with cascading effects on countless major industries.

Following the worst of the pandemic lockdowns, consumers have seen continued setbacks as the global economy tries its best to get back into shape. In many places, inflation is at its highest rate in years. Isolated incidents, such as grounded container chips blocking vital shipping arteries, have highlighted the razor-thin margins and ambitious deadlines the logistics industry relies on. Most recently, political unrest and worsening international relations have pushed many buyers into panic mode.

To say the least, it’s not an ideal situation.

Nonetheless, there are ways to take some of the heat off your wallet without having to settle for low-quality food, single-ply toilet paper or unhealthy pet food. With a…

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