In this panel from OZ Pitch Day Spring 2022, Ashley Tison takes questions from OZ investors and stakeholders on a wide range of topics.

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Webinar Transcript

Jimmy: Stump the Opportunity Zone attorney, that’s what we’re doing here today. Ashley, man, look at that hat. How are you doing?

Ashley: I tell you what, Jimmy, so stump the OZ expert, that’s directly outside of an Opportunity Zone down here in the sunny US Virgin Islands.

Jimmy: That’s right. I forgot to mention, Ashley Tyson’s on vacation. He’s taken 20 minutes out of his vacation on the USVI to join us. So, really appreciate your time and attention here, Ashley. You dressed appropriately for us.

Ashley: I tried to find a dunk tank. So, in case somebody stumps me that we could have somebody on standby to drop me into the dunk tank or maybe into the ocean, or they could have just thrown a bucket of water in my face, that would actually kind of even maybe be funnier.

Jimmy: Ashley, why don’t you just spend a couple of minutes introducing yourself and giving your take on OZs. And then we’ll open up the floor to some live Q&A. If you have questions about Opportunity Zones, any Opportunity Zone questions, try to stump this guy. I know I’ve got a couple from earlier that I’m going to hit you with also, but, Ashley, take it away. And then I’ll break in with some questions when you’re ready.

Ashley: Perfect. So, I like to call myself a reformed attorney. As you can see, I’m doing a pretty good job of that. But I’ve practiced for 21 years. And I’ve kind of gone through a bunch of different stuff. So, I started out as doing corporate and securities work. I ended up being a commercial real estate developer and…

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