ATA warns that social aid has only reached 1% of the self-employed and ICO credits have reached 10%

The president of the autonomous organization ATA, Lorenzo Love, has alerted this Tuesday that the Social helps Government -payment of rent, moratoriums on mortgages … – they have only reached 1% of the self-employed and ICO credits, 10%. “There is a major traffic jam that has left 600,000 self-employed people without receiving that liquidity today,” Amor said in a press conference after the meeting that the three self-employed organizations have held with the government.

As explained by Amor, the conditions imposed by the Government to access these social aids have caused that only 1% of the self-employed have received it. Eduardo Abad, UPTA president, present at the meeting with the Executive, has asked for the modification of those conditions so that more freelancers benefit from them.

Regarding the ICO loans, the ATA president has assured that 1.2 million self-employed people have applied for these loans and half, some 600,000, either have not received the money or are waiting for a response. «There is a clear jam. I do not know if it is the fault of the banks or the ICO, but 600,000 self-employed have been left in limbo, “Amor has warned. Of the rest, 300,000 have already received aid and another 300,000 have been denied credit.

For this reason, Amor has asked the Vice President of Economic Affairs, Nadia Calviño, to the Minister of Inclusion, José Luis Escrivá, and the head of Labor, Yolanda Diaz, present at the meeting, a specific ICO line for microcredit freelancers of up to 15,000 euros.

Extension of the cessation benefit

Another request from the three self-employed associations present at the meeting, ATA, UPTA and Uatae, has been to extend the benefits for cessation of activity until June 30, as has been done with ERTE. “The Government and employers have reached that agreement on the ERTE but modifying the amount of aid. If the state of alarm is extended until June, the benefits are extended and there will be no need to negotiate anything. But if it doesn’t extend until June and the alarm state ends on May 26, there won’t be time in five days to negotiate and many freelancers are going to have a hard time, “said Amor.

At the moment, according to the president of ATA, the Government has not guaranteed the extension of these grants until June 30, although it has opened the door to negotiate the extension of benefits to certain sectors especially hit by the crisis.

«We are talking about the fairgrounds, the entertainers, the studio photographers… Many sectors that depend on the income from tourism and that if there is no activity will suffer. You have to help them, “said Amor.

In this petition, the president of UPTA, Abad, agreed, who also asked the Government to Also ban ‘online’ sales until August 15 to protect small freelancers against large distribution chains.

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