Bitcoin Radio # 6 – The Best Cryptocurrency Wallets and Blockchain Powered Art. |

In the latest episode of Bitcoin Radio, we will focus on the latest issues in the world of cryptocurrencies. We will check which measures deserve attention in these difficult times, as well as which information is the most important. Don’t forget to leave a comment under the episode – we will definitely come back to it in the next episode!

This time on Bitcoin Radio

In the sixth installment of your favorite cryptocurrency podcast, we will talk about the best cryptocurrency wallets for a smartphone. We will look at the recent selection from , and we will also compare the Polish application with foreign competitors.

We will also listen to the voices of important personalities from the world of cryptocurrencies. Anthony Pompliano recently spoke about the future of bitcoin – spoiler, $ 400,000. On the other hand, there was Adam Back – a cryptographer who is quoted in Satoshi Nakamoto’s document. Back was critical of the ICO and also commented on the biggest problems with this form of financing companies. As ICO is my favorite topic, we will look at it together.

Today’s dessert will be a real feast for all connoisseurs of good art. Trevor Jones’s painting functioning as a Non-fungible Token was auctioned for $ 5.5 million. What does the artist think about it, and whether it is worth dealing with “blockchain art” – all this also in the latest episode!

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