Black screen (only cursor showing)

Update: Thanks to ET_Explorer for trying to help me, but I figured out how to solve this: I remembered I cloned my local hard drive to a different hard drive a long time ago and I booted the pc with it (it would’ve worked even if it was an empty hard drive, I just needed to install Windows 7). Then, I replaced the ‘broken’ imageres.dll with the ‘healthy’ one from the clone and now it works perfectly fine! Good lesson for learning to not mess up with System32 files again


I know there’s Google, but so far I couldn’t find a fix.

I’ll start by explaining how this happened in the first place. So I wanted to personalize my pc as much as I can, including its icons. After I googled some things, I found a few people saying that the default folder icon can be changed if their .ico files are replaced in imageres.dll. I installed a software called Resource Tuner to be able to edit the .dll file and I replaced them with a different .ico file. Then, I shut down my pc, but now I get the screen in the photo.

I tried Ctrl+Alt+Del, even on Safe Mode, but it doesn’t work.

I’m a noob when it comes to computers and I know I’m not supposed to change things in System32, but I didn’t expect this to happen at all. I expected some visual glitches, but not a black screen…  Thanks in advance!

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