BrewDog’s ‘staggeringly overvalued crowdfunding round’; brewers valued at £1.85bn or 8.6 times revenue

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BrewDog, the Scottish multinational brewery and pub chain, recently launched a round of crowdfunding looking to raise £50m. Myrto Lalacos took a closer look at the investment opportunity; her investigation suggests a ‘staggering’ overvaluation of the company, which was £1.85bn or 8.6 times revenue. Elsewhere ‘widespread data protection failings’ found at Experian.

First on Twitter; UBS calls for more Bank of England quantitive easing as UK jobs crisis intensifies.

Experian faces GDPR fine after ICO finds widespread data protection failings.

The long promised pensions dashboard, announced in 2016, will not be in place until 2023.

Mohamed A. El-Erian says the US markets are watching Covid closely.

And finally, Myrto Lalacos calls BrewDog; BrewWork, following their staggeringly overvalued crowdfunding round. James Hurley linked the article, posted on LinkedIn.

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