Can Your Air Fryer Really Save You Money on Your Energy Bill?

An air fryer can trim money from your energy bill if you use it in place of the big oven. It’ll also turn out some rather tasty eats. 

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Gas and energy costs have spiked recently, and utility bills seem to be becoming more and more expensive. In fact, gas and water bills and energy prices have risen by 30% (PDF) since this time last year, according to the National Energy Assistance Directors Association — and it’s unclear if or when they’ll be coming back down. If you’re looking to cut those staggering utility bills, I recommend you take a holistic approach. Turning off lightssetting your thermostat to an ideal temp and showering instead of bathing are some obvious ways to slash your utility bills, but there are other less-obvious practices that can reduce monthly invoices on gas and electricity. 

While ovens aren’t the biggest energy suck in the home, they do guzzle natural gas and electricity, especially if you use them often and for long periods of time. Air fryer ovens are smaller and more energy-efficient than full-size ovens, and adding one to your kitchen can save you money if you use it regularly and bypass the big fella. If you’re wondering how much energy your gas oven or electric oven uses, we’ve calculated the costs and compared them to the cost of running an air fryer. 

As a bonus, air fryers…

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