Cardano Is a Gateway to Free Crypto – Here’s How to Claim Yours

Everybody likes to get free stuff, and folks who own Cardano (ADA) – one of our top picks – have access to a veritable river of free cryptocurrencies in the form of airdrops.

Airdrops are a method of getting cryptocurrency for free if you meet some sort of criteria. They’re used as way to get the tokens of new projects into the hands of as many users as possible – in other words, a tool to accelerate adoption.

While Cardano has been around since 2017, it wasn’t until last September that an upgrade enabled smart contracts on the platform. Because of that, we’re seeing more developers starting to build on it just as they have done with Ethereum. The airdrops are coming from the explosion of new Cardano-based projects.

I’m going to tell you where and how to get these Cardano airdrops, but keep in mind that Cardano’s ecosystem is just an infant compared to Ethereum’s.

This means that you can collect a ton of Cardano-based tokens right now, but for the time being, they have very little value and are nearly impossible to trade for other cryptocurrencies. And every time you make a withdrawal, it will cost you a couple of ADA (though with ADA trading at a bit over $0.80, that’s less than $2 a pop).

So why bother?

While there are no guarantees in crypto, Cardano is a prime candidate to evolve into a formidable Ethereum rival. It doesn’t need to be an “Ethereum Killer” to succeed, either. Cardano just needs to capture a slice of the smart-contract economy that Ethereum has pioneered.

The idea is to scoop up as many of these airdrops as you can and then sit back and wait. Even if only one or two become valuable, you’ll be way ahead.

It’s a lot like being a venture capitalist. You invest in many promising startups knowing that most will fail. But the few that flourish pay off in a big way.

Now, let’s go get some airdrops…

Step 1: Create Your DripDropz Account

The site where you get your Cardano airdrops is called A group of people who were working on Cardano-based projects set up the site…

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