Celebrity Backed NFT Collections to Invest in Q2 2022

Celebrity NFT projects can go viral helped by their fans and followers and be a good investment for early buyers. We’ll review 3 upcoming celebrity NFT drops to watch in 2022.

Some celebrity NFT collections of 2021 weren’t a great success however and aren’t worth as much today as they sold for back then – such as those minted and released by Hollywood icons like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, or famous rappers like Eminem and Snoop Dogg. Do your own research and hedge your bets with a diversified portfolio.

Celebrity Backed NFTs to Watch

We’ll also be focusing mainly on celebrity backed NFTs where there’s also a large development team with a background in crypto and non-fungible tokens. Rather than celebrity NFT releases where one celeb launches and leads the NFT project alone.

1. Lucky Block NFTs

Celebrity backed NFT collections

Lucky Block has had celebrity backing from Love Island actor and model Jamie Jewitt and on April 20th boxer Dillian Whyte announced he’ll also be joining the Lucky Block army of fans and investors as another official brand ambassador.

Whyte announced that on Twitter to his 358,000 followers ahead of his heavyweight title fight with Tyson Fury at Wembley stadium. Fury himself is also a fan of crypto, promoting meme coin Floki Inu which is planning to launch NFTs, a metaverse game and an upcoming NFT marketplace of their own.

The dual celebrity backed NFT collection from Lucky Block is known as the Platinum Rollers club and is available on new NFT marketplace NFTLaunchpad.com.

10,000 NFTs in the collection were minted in the drop on March 19th, 2022, listed for sale at 3.75 wBNB (around $1500).

Factored into that price point is their utility and use case as according to the roadmap and whitepaper NFT owners will receive exclusive access to daily prize draws for passive income rewards, with higher earnings for rare edition NFT holders.

The project also already established a successful cryptocurrency token LBLOCK which went on a 65x run in Q1 2022. Also backing the…

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