Central Texan explains how he made six figures on TaskRabbit

AUSTIN, Texas — Austin resident Kingsley O. earned $105,961.35 in 2021 while working part-time on TaskRabbit – the gig economy platform that connects skilled “Taskers” with consumers to help with moving services, home projects, odd jobs and other manual jobs including full-service moving support and furniture assembly.

“Usually you’re making money for the platform that you’re working for, so when I started doing this, and the money was rolling in I was so shocked. I had to call my friends, I got them on board,” said O. 

Kingsley moved to Austin from Oklahoma in 2018 and had no place to live. He was working two jobs and sleeping in his car. When he switched to TaskRabbit in 2020 he stopped working two jobs, recently bought a house, and last year made six figures for the first time ever. Kingsley says he is still able to save money, enjoy quality time with his family and focus on passions outside of work.


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