CEO Spotlight: Anson Funds’ Moez Kassam – Hedge Fund Manager and Philanthropist

Given the extreme market volatility of recent years, managing a successful hedge fund requires more agility, adaptability, and intelligence than ever. Anson Funds, a Toronto-based hedge fund co-founded by Moez Kassam, has risen to this challenge.

Kassam co-founded Anson Funds in 2007, where he also serves as CIO. Under his management, Anson Funds has grown into one of Canada’s most prominent investment funds with total assets under management reaching an estimated $1.5 billion at the end of 2021.

In addition to his primary role as the founder and CIO of Anson, Kassam is also an experienced venture capitalist, philanthropist and community leader. It is in these latter two roles that he and his wife, Marissa, founded the Moez and Marissa Kassam Foundation, which supports various nonprofits in their hometown of Toronto and across Canada.

Anson Funds

As an alternative asset management company, Anson Funds has developed three primary investment strategies: classic shorts, value longs and opportunistic investments. These strategies have generated market-beating returns for the company’s largest funds, which include the Anson Investments Master Fund, or AIMF.

According to Kassam, his investors’ greatest priority is generating consistent returns regardless of the market environment. “This is a very competitive industry,” Kassam noted. “Any successful investment fund needs to show real and consistent results throughout various market cycles. Anyone can have a decent quarter, or even a market-beating year, but consistency over time is what generates sustainable success.”

That is exactly what Anson Funds has been able to provide its clients. Both Barron’s and Bloomberg have recognized Anson Funds as a top-performing hedge fund over the years. Kassam’s team was also ranked among the Top 10 Hedge Funds by Barclay Managed Funds, which selected organizations based on annualized returns from 2018-2020, and was named the Best Equity Hedge Fund of 2021 by Hedgeweek.

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