Charlotte “unlikely” to contribute taxpayer money for new Panthers headquarters

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With the Panthers exiting a failed effort to build a new team headquarters and practice facility in Rock Hill, South Carolina, it’s possible that the team will try to construct something in Charlotte. If it does, it likely won’t be getting free money from the city.

According to the Charlotte Observer, via Sports Business Journal, Charlotte council member Malcolm Graham said that the city is “unlikely to commit public dollars,” if the Panthers choose to go that route.

“Right now, we have other priorities we’re working with,” Graham said. “Dollars are limited. The biggest thing is we have other priorities.”

The local push and pull over taxpayer money has obvious relevance to the team’s desire to build a new stadium. Owner David Tepper will expect public money. What happens if he can’t get as much as he wants, or any at all?

Other cities have learned that lesson the hard way. Charlotte potentially could be next.

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