City considers proposal to combine NOFD and EMS

Aaron Mischler, President of the New Orleans Fire Fighters Association made a proposal to merge NOFD and EMS. He made the suggestion during the city’s Revenue Estimating Conference. He believes there are many positives to the idea of combining EMS and NOFD.He says it will save money, save fuel and eliminate the duplication of services.”I believe you dedicate too many resources to a single call. You send a fire truck with 3 or 4 firefighters on it. Then they have to sit around and wait until EMS clears a scene for them to come transport the patient. So I believe if we were able to transport that patient immediatly and help them get to the hospital in a more efficient time that would clear firefighters to fight fires,” said Mischler. Mischler said it’s too soon to know exactly how much money this would save but Mayor Cantrell supports the idea. She responded by saying other cities across the country have already combined departments and it’s something her administration has been looking into. “It is the standard nationally and absolutely will cut costs and provide adequate timely and quality care that our residents and visitors depend on us to provide. So you have made my day,” said the Mayor. Below is a statement written by the chief of NOFD, EMS and the medical director Dr. Meg Marino. “Under the Cantrell administration, leaders at both EMS and NOFD have worked carefully for years to enhance collaboration and eliminate duplication of services. That collaboration has included appointing a single Physician Medical Director to serve both agencies as well as an expansion of in-house NOFD EMT training programs, consolidated medical supply management, and combined staffing of NOEMS ambulances during staffing shortages and special events. “Going forward we will continue to identify appropriate opportunities for…

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