City Of Oklahoma City To Offer Discounted Rain Barrels For the Community

Keeping your lawn or garden beautiful can be expensive, but the City of Oklahoma City has come up with a way to help you save money and water.

The City of Oklahoma City is working with the Central Oklahoma Storm Water Alliance and Upcycle Products to offer discounted rain barrels to conserve water and reduce pollution.

Rain barrels collect water that drains from your home’s gutter system.

The barrels are 55 gallons and are made from recycled materials.

They also come with screens to keep out critters and mosquitoes, with the discounted price being $66.50.

Using this water limits the amount of drinking water used on lawns and gardens.

It’s also better for your plants and the water is free.

Brooke Vierck with the City of Oklahoma City says, “The main purpose of this program was to help residents conserve water and make them more aware of their water use. When you use rainwater, you’re actually reducing the amount of tap water and city water that you’re using in your yard.”

Vierck says especially in drought, it’s important to find ways to conserve water.

Barrels are available to anyone in the Oklahoma City Metro area.

You can order the rain barrels online or by mail.

The pickup days are going to be on May 7th and May 14th .

The deadline to order by mail is April 24th and the online deadline is May 1st.

To order yours, click here.

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