Coachella 2022: the money that each artist will earn for their show was leaked

The Coachella 2022 Festival is one of the most successful in the musical field. Year after year thousands of people invest their money to enjoy a day or even a week surrounded by the best music. After so much uncertainty, the money that each artist will earn with her show was leaked. Find out in this note!

The Coachella Festival 2022 which takes place in California is one of the most famous in the field. This is why he collects millions of dollars in tickets. It will develop from Friday April 15 to Sunday 24 of the current month and will have the presence of the best artists.

Although the money they earn in tickets represents a significant part of the income, it is not the only income that the organizers receive. Due to the importance and expectation generated by this event, many sponsors choose to invest money to advertise their brand in this festival.

According to unofficial reports, this event generates approximately 700 million dollars. The musicians are the protagonists of this festival, so they get an interesting amount for their respective shows. In the last hours, the money that each musician will earn with their presentation was leaked on social networks.

Users remembered the earnings that Ariana Grande and Beyoncé obtained in the Coachella 2019 edition. This was from 8 million dollars, so it is estimated that the artists of this edition could charge that, or even more. Namely, every artist could buy a Mercedes-Maybach Exelero Just for showing up at the event.

Mercedes-Maybach Exelero, the car that every Coachella 2022 artist could buy.

This Mercedes car is priced precisely at $8 million and it has a maximum power of 700 horsepower, something that would envy any fan of vehicles. It also has a top speed of 351 km/h Y 0-100km/h acceleration of only 4.4 seconds. Impressive.

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