Cryptocurrency crash reminds us investing is long-term process

Nearly every investor has been adversely affected by the current market conditions. In fact, this is one of those rare times in history where stocks, bonds and cash have all been hurt by current market conditions. However, there is one group of investors that has been hurt more than any others and that is young investors.

A disproportionate number of young investors have jumped into the cryptocurrency craze and unfortunately, they have learned a tough lesson. As cryptocurrency markets have crashed over the last few months, many have found that their investments are now worthless. Some investors used debt to finance crypto purchases, which means that many are now finding themselves in a difficult financial situation.

Unfortunately, this experience has soured young investors from future investments. I would rather this experience serve as a lesson and teach people to be better investors in the future. In that regard, here are some of the mistakes I think the young investors made.

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