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International Coffee Day 2020: International Coffee Day is celebrated every year on October 1st to recognise and celebrate the efforts of all those people who are associated with the coffee business. International Coffee Organisation (ICO) organised and launched First World Coffee Day in 2015 at Milan.

The International Coffee Organisation decided to celebrate International Coffee Day every year on October 1 in 2014. This day is also observed to create awareness about issues of coffee farmers across the globe. We all love coffee in different forms and the consumption is satisfactory.

10 things you need to know about coffee if you are a coffee lover:

• An Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi first discovered the Coffee beans in the world.

• According to international reports, Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil.

• Southern states are dominating in production of the Coffee in India. Karnataka grows 71% of total coffee production in India while Kerala and Tamil Nadu grow 21% and 5% of total national production respectively.

• In Karnataka, Chikmagalur is known as the coffee land of Karnataka because it was first introduced here only.

• It is believed that various Ethiopian tribes used to eat coffee beans and later they learned to use it as a beverage.

• India is the sixth-largest coffee producer of the world after Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia and Ethiopia.

• Top buyers of India’s coffee production are Italy, Russia, and Germany.

• Two Coffee varieties, Robusta (or Coffea canephora) and Coffea Arabica are grown on a large scale in India.

• In India, 98% of small farmers are cultivating coffee in about 4.54 lakh hectares of land.

• India produced 3.16 lakh tonnes of coffee during 2017-18 and India’s exports were 3.92 lakh tonnes.

International Coffee Organisation (ICO)

The International Coffee Organisation (ICO) was set up in 1963 in London. Its main objective is to tackle the challenges that the world coffee sector is facing through international cooperation. The member Governments of ICO represent 98% of world coffee production and 67% of world consumption.

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