Earth Day: Save money while saving the planet

We’re lucky to call Planet Earth our home, and tomorrow we get to celebrate our home on what is known as Earth Day.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Earth Day. It’s a day when people think about the environment, but it shouldn’t be the only day they think about it.

So…how can you help save the planet…and save yourself some money?

Brian Walker, Director of Landscape Management for the City of Huntsville, says, “You want to be efficient in keeping the lights off in rooms that aren’t being used. Set the heat at a different thermostat level while you’re out of town and things of that nature. So, you’re just not, number one, it’s going to be more cost-efficient, but number two, you’re not using resources that you don’t need that for time.”

This next one has to do with community. We want to enjoy the places we live, and making our environments beautiful & sustainable lines up with one of Earth Day’s missions: to preserve and protect our health, our families, and our livelihoods.

Walker says, “You can keep litter off the streets, especially through your own yard. That might blow in from the winds that we’ve been having the last month and things of that nature. You want to take pride in where you live. If you set an example for all those other neighbors around you, it becomes infectious.”

Walker also mentions putting back into the Earth what we have taken from it. “You know if you have to remove some trees in your area, then go back and plant again. so you’re constantly replacing what has been left for you here on Earth. 

And beyond energy…

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