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As inflation continues to impact prices, Americans are seeking new ways to save money.

Almost all Americans feel they are nto able to stay within their Monthly Budget to date in 2022. 

As prices soar on everything from groceries to gasoline, Americans are looking for ways to maximize their budget by cutting costs and finding creative ways to save money.

A new survey on how Americans are feeling about their finances with rising inflation and increasing prices revealed that more than 3 in 4 (76%) Americans say they are actively looking for ways to significantly trim expenses from their budget. And as people review their budgets and look beyond mortgage or rent, well over 1 in 4 (28%) Americans who have auto insurance say it’s a recurring bill that they’ve had to decide between paying or not paying to avoid going without basic necessities such as shelter, food and utilities.

Rod Griffin, Senior Director of Public Education and Advocacy at Experian, joined us on Charlotte Today to discuss how a good credit score can save you money and share ideas on ways to maximize your spending and cut costs, including on recurring expenditures like auto insurance. Plus, he can explain what digital tools are available to help you manage your finances

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