Easy Tips to Use Less Energy and Save Money as a Renter

Small changes around your apartment or townhome can save you big on your utility bills. 

Thana Prasongsin/Getty Images

When trying to come up with ways to make your living space more energy-efficient, you might think about major changes or home projects like weatherstripping, purchasing energy-efficient appliances or insulating your attic. But what if you’re a renter?

You can’t exactly undergo big projects as an apartment dweller or renter since even small changes could result in a lease violation. The good news is that there are tricks and devices that can help you with long-term savings. 

With gas and water bills and energy prices up 30% from last year, it’s important to think about energy-savings. Turning off lights, setting your thermostat to an ideal temp and showering instead of bathing are some obvious ways to cut down, but there are some other tricks to save as a renter. Here’s 10 practical ways to start saving now. 

1. Switch your lighting 

When I moved into my apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the first things I did was install smart lighting. Why? It’s easy and oh so effective. Just swapping out a few bulbs in your lamps or overhead lights can have a huge impact on your monthly invoices. 

Plus, smart lighting won’t break the bank. You can find several LED smart bulbs from reputable brands that cost $20 apiece…

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