Energy bill savings, tax credit | 3 ways to save big on your home winter energy bill and get tax credit

Electricity bills are a fact of life for many Americans, but with energy prices expected to rise in many parts of the country, you may be looking for a way to keep those costs in check.

The average American household spent $121 per month, or $1,452 per year, on energy bills in 2021, according to the Energy Information Administration.

While some projections expect rising energy rates this winter, as prices for fuels like natural gas increase, there are ways to offset those increases by making your home more energy efficient.

All households can now apply for NC heating bill assistance program

So what can you do? Here are three tips to help keep your bills down.

Tip #1: Schedule a home energy audit

One of the best ways to start figuring out how to save on your energy bills is to bring in an expert to check out your home.

Some local utility companies, private firms, and even some government agencies offer this service, called an energy audit or energy assessment. In the audit, an expert will look for opportunities to reduce energy use in your home, ranging from replacing old lightbulbs with more efficient LED options, testing for air leaks in your doors and windows that allow heat to escape or cold air in, or recommending which appliances to replace with newer, more efficient alternatives.

In some cases, the energy auditor could install some of those swaps with no additional cost at the time of the audit.

The Department of Energy has information on how to find a certified energy assessment in your area, or you can check with your local utility company.

Tip #2: Reduce your energy use

Reducing your home’s energy footprint may seem intimidating but there are simple steps that can help limit wasted energy in your home. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program says homeowners could save up to $400 a year by taking…

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