Energy regulator Ofgem warns removing gas or electricity meters to save money is ‘illegal’

Energy regulator Ofgem has issued a warning against removing gas or electricity meters as it is “illegal” and may be dangerous.

The ‘energy saving hack’ first gained traction on social media in April 2022, as a rise in energy prices came about and the cost of living rose for many.

In a tweet on Friday, the regulator warned against trying to “save money by changing your energy meter without permission”.

Physically removing an energy meter can be extremely dangerous, as an energised meter could explode and cause bodily harm.

Additionally, it is also illegal to tamper with an energy meter without approval and specialist help from energy suppliers or local authorities.

Crimestoppers also advises against tampering with energy meters.

Roger Holden, director at Crimestoppers, said: “A tampered meter creates a huge safety risk, that can lead to an explosion or fire.

“Not only are the meter cheaters stealing energy, but they are stealing our money too. We’re paying an extra £20 on every bill each year.”

In April 2022, moneysaving expert Martin Lewis was also forced to issue a statement advising against claims that people could “‘remove the meter & you use energy for free’”.

He said: “It’s just nonsense. You pay for the units of fuel you use, and a standing charge.”

If an individual wants their meter moved, they must ask their supplier to do so as it can be dangerous without specialist training.

The supplier then confirms if they can carry out the work, based on a variety of factors including the…

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